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Why Visiting Japan Again is a MUST

There’s nothing quite like one’s first trip to Japan. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or someone looking to decide which country to visit next, the Land of the Rising Sun always has something to offer for everyone. But after you’ve gone on your first trip, surely you still have yet to see what the rest the country has to offer.

Japanese lanterns at night. Photo by hempelfrankfurt.

So for those undecided about the question of planning another Japan trip, here are the reasons why visiting Japan again is a MUST.

Japan might just seem like a tiny set of islands, but in reality, it’s jam-packed with unforgettable sights and experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss out on:

Each city has its own diverse culture

For example, Tokyo—because it’s one of the biggest cities in the world ever, some have even said that it makes more sense to think of Tokyo as its own country, and we think that’s the way to go! A quick Google search on Japan travel ideas shows countless forum articles on the often-discussed battle of which city to visit on a first time trip: Tokyo vs Kyoto. And of course, Japan isn’t just those two cities: there’s also Nagoya and its Nagoya castle, Kamakura’s Great Buddha statue, Hakone’s hot springs, and more—so it’s only natural that there’s so much to see and experience next time.

Blending the old and the new, the presence of the traditional and modern cultures of Japan means that there is twice as much to enjoy depending on how one plans their trip

Japan has had a long-standing reputation for its capacity for preserving its traditional culture—from castles that have stood for hundreds of years, palaces still maintained and visited regularly, kimonos being worn even when there are no special occasions and such—but over the years, and into contemporary times, Japan began to be known for its quite unique modern quirks, which, for the tourist means getting to experience a magical blend of old and new.

A quiet street in Tokyo. Photo by Vince Justiniano.

A quiet street in Tokyo. Photo by Vince Justiniano.

Aside from cherry blossoms and shrines, almost everyone thinks of Japan when Pikachu, Gundam, or anime are mentioned: this is truly a testament to the country’s wide cultural reach all across the world.

Japan’s climate = seasons, and seasons = unique experiences to have at different times of year!

River of cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Photo by Pexels.

The best part of a country with a climate like Japan is that each season of the year has something to look forward to. Skiing on the snow can be had in the northernmost parts of the Japan, even as the rest of the country is already enjoying springtime. And of course, arguably the most iconic symbol of Japan, the cherry blossoms, which only bloom at a certain time of the year. (Make sure you’ve caught up with the annual Cherry Blossom Forecast when you’re planning your trip, though!)

Mount Fuji. Photo by koshinuke_mcfly.

So if you catch yourself in one of Japan’s tourist hotspots, you might feel like there’s so much to do, and that everyone seems like they’re in a hurry, especially in the morning rush hour. But remember, you’re in Japan for a vacation, so there’s no need to rush.

We hope that you can take it easy and really soak in the sights and sounds with the peace of mind that there will be a next time, and that you will be able to set foot once more in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Overall, Japan truly lives up to its name (and beyond) as a travel destination, and with its diverse and varied cultures within its different cities, it’s a place that one simply has to come back to again someday.

Author: Vince Justiniano


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