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Food & Drinks

5 Food Delicacies You Must Try In Japan

Japan is world renowned for its delicious and distinctive cuisine and trying all of the amazing dishes on offer is, for many, a...
Tofu and Rice Curry Food & Drinks

Eating Out As A Vegan Or Vegetarian In Tokyo

On the surface Tokyo may not seem an especially vegan and vegetarian friendly destination for travellers.  Dig deeper though an...
Food & Drinks

My Top 5 Unusual Places To Eat In Tokyo

Tokyo is a city where you can fulfil your wildest dreams. Do you sometimes wish you could sip on a cappuccino whilst petting an owl? How about drinking a cocktail out of a mannequins severed head? No? Then maybe your dreams aren’t wild enough for Tokyo! Japan’s capital city sets the bar for quirky and damn right unusual cafes and restaurants. So much so that indulging in some of the extreme dining experiences has become somewhat of a typical tourist experience. So if ordering your meal from a vending machine,... The post My Top 5 Unusual Places to Eat in Tokyo appeared first on The Tokyotraveller.

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Why Visiting Japan Again Is A Must

There’s nothing quite like one’s first trip to Japan. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or someone looking to decide which country to visit next, the Land of the Rising Sun always has something to offer for everyone. But after you’ve gone on your first tr...

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